Greg’s Mission – A Mission of Discipleship

Greg’s Mission – A Mission of Discipleship

Greg's Mission One

The honking of Greg’s silver Chevy pickup truck alerts those sheltered in their tent or car that a hot meal is on its way.  It’s Friday afternoon and “Ham & Cheese, Egg Salad or Peanut Butter & Jelly” can be heard as men and women approach with an outstretched hand or a “God Bless You”.  A Greg’s Mission volunteer says: “Navy Bean or Split Pea” as she holds a soup ladle over a disposable cup.  “Both” comes the reply.

Greg’s Mission, a ministry in service to the unsheltered in the Vancouver community has been up and running since 2015.   What started as a loosely organized way to deliver sandwiches has turned into a well-known and respected Ministry forged by Greg’s commitment and fueled by a generous and tireless group of more than 25 volunteers. 

Every Monday and Friday, rain or shine, you’ll find Greg and his crew preparing and loading the truck with 5 gallons of soup, 60 sack lunches and totes labeled blankets, pants, coats, gloves and handwarmers. The first visit is Leverich Park, then “The Swamp”, the Safe Parking Space, Winco on Andresen, some Freeway ramps, Esther Short park and the downtown area if supplies haven’t run out by then. 

“We got here a little early today” Greg says, while Linda hands off a sleeping bag, gloves and a cup of milk to a man just as the car he calls home is backed in by a tow truck.  “I love you”, he says.

Getting acquainted with Greg, it doesn’t take long to witness his love of the Lord and the value he sees in each one of God’s children despite any rock bottom circumstance they may find themselves in. Sunday’s Gospel compelled us to be salt and light in the world.  It’s easy to see how Greg and his volunteers elevate others to a higher mission and discipleship.  If you were to ask Greg what his goal is for the future of Greg’s Mission, he would tell you it is the desire to see the Ministry continue when he can no longer contribute himself. 

Please consider adding your hands and feet to Greg’s Mission.  Here are some effective ways to help:


Volunteer to grocery shop for Greg’s Mission.

Prepare sandwiches on Monday and Friday mornings and deliver them to sites with the crew.

Prepare one to five gallons of soup on Monday and Friday mornings.  (Supplies can be provided or reimbursed)

Bake cookies and deliver to Greg’s Mission on Monday and Friday mornings.

Volunteer for clean-up of the food preparation area once truck is loaded and enroute.

Volunteer to help wash, sort and store clothing and donated items.

Volunteer to calendar and coordinate the scheduling of volunteers.


New or lightly used jeans for men and women.  Sizes 30 to 36 inch waist.

New or lightly used T-Shirts and long sleeve shirts for men and women.

New or lightly used coats, blankets and sleeping bags.

New gloves and handwarmers.

Financial Donations:

Financial contributions can be made to Greg’s Mission through Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish.  Please use this link to donate:  Greg’s Mission | Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (

For more information, please contact Greg Repman at or Jackie Harry at  Greg can also be reached at 360-771-1387.

With Love,