2022-23 Stewardship of Treasure Campaign Comes to a Close

Today a number of thoughts came to mind while addressing thank you postcards to the 249 families who pledged to this year’s Stewardship of Treasure campaign.  First, thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness to God for these 249 families who declared Our Lady of Lourdes parish as “their parish” and made a commitment to contribute and commit to the great work God is doing in and through Our Lady of Lourdes.  

Have you ever read from the Bible about the memorial stones that were erected to give the Israelites the opportunity to share God’s truth with the following generations?  Today it occurred to me that we, too, are called in our own ways to be memorial stones for the next generation….. to pass the baton of faith.  While a pledge is most definitely a financial commitment, it is also a way of leaving a spiritual inheritance like the Israelites did so long ago.

The 249 pledges we received, totaling over $512,000 left us at 79 percent of our goal of $648,000.  With these numbers in place our Stewardship of Treasure campaign draws to a close for the year.  A heartfelt thank you to each of you who contributed.   We also thank God for those of you who are unable to contribute financially but pledged your prayers, support and Stewardship of time and talent.  

As we reflect this Advent season on our Messiah, born as a baby in Bethlehem, and also on His coming again, I pray that we enjoy many opportunities to be memorial stones to one another.

With Love,