A New Year’s Resolution for Discipleship

A New Year’s Resolution for Discipleship

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day can be tricky for many of us, particularly if we are more in tune to how society takes inventory of us than how God sees us.  Most of us get launched abruptly from the sweet smells of Christmas to resolutions for all kinds of not-so-sweet-smelling disciplines.

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2023?

During Advent I was reading a reflection from Bishop Mueggenborg and his thoughts struck a chord with me.  He wrote: “What parts of your life do you think God considers most beautiful?  What parts would God want you to clean up?”

The sweet smells of Christmas and the not-so-sweet-smells of the gym are measures of daily life, and both will pass away.  God asks us to love the things of heaven, the things that endure.

Perhaps when the ball drops at midnight we can make a New Year’s resolution to focus more on the things of eternal life rather than passing things.  We can ask ourselves how we would like to grow in faith this year and where we would like to see ourselves, having grown in faith, a year from now.

With Love,