Pulling Weeds

Pulling Weeds

Kneeling down in the garden with rows after row of weeds ahead of me, I got to thinking about this week’s discipleship article, and the many times God uses sowing and harvesting in scripture to teach us.  I planted these Zinnias in the same soil and on the same day but it’s easy to see some are tall and thriving and others falling behind.

Isn’t that just like us?

Though tall and strong we are weakened by the weeds.

And yet, God reminds us all throughout Scripture that He has given us power over the weeds in our lives – and deeply rooted in him – we will grow up strong and thrive.

The best way to protect ourselves from the weakening weeds is through the study of Sacred Scripture.  I encourage us all to take the opportunity to follow along with Fr. Leonardo through the Book of James beginning on Wednesday, July 5th.  Each week participants will watch a video from the Pearls of Wise Living series presented by Jeff Cavins, and then enjoy additional study and participation with Fr. Leonardo. 

An outline of the course follows:

July 5th – Introduction & Session 1 (James 1:1-18, Wisdom for Tough Times)

July 12th – Session 2 – (James 1:19-27, Wisdom and Pure Religion)

July 19th – Session 3 – (James 2:1-13, Wisdom and the Law of Love)

July 26th – Session 4 – (James 2:14-26, Faith Works with Wisdom)

August 2nd – Session 5 – (James 3:1-12, Wisdom is Known through Speech)

August 9th – Session 6 – (James 3:13-18, Wisdom – False and True)

August 16th – Session 7 – (James 4:1-10, Wisdom in Relationship)

August 23 – Session 8 – (James 4:11-5:6, A Wise Perspective for Living)

August 30 – Session 9 – (James 5:7-12, The Wisdom of Patience)

September 6 – Session 10 – (James 5:13-20, Wisdom of Confession and Prayer)

If you would like to learn more about this study, order the workbook or watch a short introductory video, please visit our webpage:  Book of James 

There is no cost associated with this study, and to sign up, please email Lisa Quimby at lisa@ollparish.org.

By nature of my name and the old nursery rhyme, I have often been asked:

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

This year I’d answer by saying with a whole lot of weeds and a volunteer zucchini that is choosing to grow up strong in the middle of the cilantro.

With Love,