It takes a village

“It takes a village”.

How many times have you heard or quoted this familiar and extraordinarily true phrase?  It does, in fact, take a village to raise a child.  It also takes a village to care for aging parents and to grieve and bury loved ones.  It takes a village to endure trials, and also to share in our joys.  It takes a village to grow and to BE the Church.  The impact of this phrase comes from the reminder that we are not expected to bear life alone.  We were meant to be and thrive in community. 

This year we unexpectedly lost a member of our village, Jon Birck, who had a heart and a gift for the Parish Garden ministry.  Each year Jon would volunteer his time to ensure the garden soil was rototilled in preparation for planting.  He also donated his time, particularly at the beginning of the growing season, to fence out our pet deer, drive posts and keep the irrigation systems working properly.  

Today, on behalf of the Parish Garden Ministry, I ask all parishioners with a bit of time (and especially a rototiller) to put on your gloves and help us prepare the parish garden for planting this spring.  Your discipleship will ensure that we can plant again this year and continue to harvest quality and abundant produce for St. Vincent de Paul. 

In addition to your help preparing the ground for Spring, the Garden Ministry is always looking for flexible and energetic gardeners to add to the team of volunteers who assist with planning, planting and weeding of the garden throughout the growing season.  No experience is necessary! 

Please contact Margaret Johnson or Pam Ballard if you can help in ANY way.  Margaret can be reached at 360-607-7716 or  Pam can be reached at 503-577-0822 or

With love and thanks to my village,