To Be Used by Jesus

Imagine This.

Jesus asks you for help. 

He doesn’t ask your whole family for help.  He doesn’t ask the Church for help.  He asks YOU for help.

Can you think of any greater privilege than being used by Jesus?

The truth is YOU are irreplaceable.  You were created by God to be yourself and to fulfill the purpose that He divinely fashioned within you.  That means your life and your gift are deeply needed.  Not only did God create you with a divine purpose and mission to help Him, but He has given you gifts that you are inherently good at to achieve His purpose.

Peter tells us in his first letter (1 Peter 4:10) that “as each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace”.  We know there are many other scriptural references to the individual gifts we have received, so no need to be further convinced.  Peter goes on in the next verse to remind us that our gifts are the gateway to glorify God through Jesus Christ.  In other words, using our gifts moves God’s kingdom forward for His glory and not our own.

Again, can you think of a greater privilege than being used by Jesus?

The gifts God gave you were given for reasons that only He fully knows and understands, and they were given so that you might help Him. What are those unique gifts within you?  If you aren’t exactly sure, you are not alone.  It is our joy and privilege to be able to invite you to The Holy Spirit Workshop presented by Spiritual Gifts Coach, Christie Walker on Saturday, March 18th.   During her presentation, Christie will equip us with ways to better know and understand the Holy Spirit, to better know and understand what gifts we have been given and to walk us through exercises to discern and put these gifts to work for God’s kingdom.

Most of us know our talents and the things we enjoy doing, but it’s important to know that talents are not spiritual gifts.  You may serve on many ministries, doing countless good for the Church, and still not be using your spiritual gifts.  Christie will help you to discern the difference between talents and spiritual gifts, as well as relay the joy and energy that you can expect to experience when using your gifts.

Please find a link to the outline of topics Christie will cover in the The Holy Spirit Workshop here: Holy Spirit Workshop Itinerary

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I look forward to joining with you and Christie on March 18th, please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

With Love,